This spring school will be an occasion of meeting for several (so far distinct) communities in mathematics and theoretical physics working in problems related to quantum gravity (especially in dimension 2). It consists of three mini-courses representing a selection of recent advances in this area: the courses will present the rigorous probabilistic construction of Liouville quantum gravity issuing from the work of Rhodes and Vargas, the application to quantum gravity of the BF-BFV techniques from quantum field theory, and the causal dynamical triangulations approach to 2d quantum gravity (from a more physical perspective). Such topics have never been presented in this combination before and we feel that these communities would benefit from each other by learning each other techniques.

The school targets PhD students and postdocs in mathematics and theoretical physics, although more advanced researchers will be welcome to attend as well. In addition to the courses, there will be a poster session for young participants wishing to present their research.


This event was made possible thanks to the funding of the Kolleg Mathematik Physik Berlin.


Guillaume Baverez, Gaetan Borot

Conference photo